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Monthly Archives: January 2008

We’ve really enjoyed our macs here. And it looks as if other companies are in agreement.


I’m usually disgruntled by the use of Flash for website intros, etc. I can (kinda) understand every band in the known universe using it on their websites, but the intro Flash page for a business needs to go. However, IKEA’s “Quiet Room” advert is probably the single best use of Flash on a web page I’ve seen so far.

I work a lot in OS X’s terminal app. Many times I’m using it to view, modify, or test MySQL queries and install binaries that don’t have nice little installation packages. Setting up aliases in terminal makes things for me go a lot faster (especially for MySQL).

I found this nice post on adding terminal aliases via the terminal itself and pico.

W3 has a couple of great validators to check your pages for standards compliance. They’ve got an HTML validator and a CSS validator. We’ve found these really useful when trying to make well constructed web pages.

Apple’s Security Update 2007-009 came out just a little while ago and there’s already been some problems it caused. For me, I got a CUPS error on one of my workstations. All of the network printers that were loaded disappeared from the print menu and when I tried to add them back in, I got this error:


After a bit of hunting, I came across this article from

It referrers to a nice little app called Printer Setup Repair. I was able to quickly diagnose and repair the problem all within the application (corrupted config file). Well worth the shareware money.