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Mac has added a respectable number of assets to it’s OS regarding Virtual Network Computing capabilities, especially in Leopard with it’s screen sharing. However, I’ve really come up short when looking for a VNC client to connect to windows machines running a VNC server. We still have a number of windows machines running here, some for testing purposes, others for things like Quickbooks (which still lacks some important features that the windows version offers). Remotely administering these computers has been a bit of a small challenge given the lack of good VNC clients for the mac. Apple Remote Desktop seems to work very well for such things, but I need to allow VNC ability to more people than just myself.

Chicken of the VNC works…but as I’ve started installing TightVNC, it really hiccups on keeping up. Even after numerous attempts to tweak both the server and CofVNC, it still is very slow in updating the server when I move the cursor or click on something.

The Tao of Mac has a pretty good article on different VNC clients for mac and I’m currently downloading and trying out some of the suggestions listed there, namely JollysFastVNC.

UPDATE: I went with UltraVNC on the windows computers. So much better and easier to config. Solved my hiccup problems with CofVNC.


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