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Much has changed here at Frontier.  Not that the users here would really see it…or the customer perusing our website, but change has occurred none the less. 

1) Finally installed my Smoothie box.  I had to off-load a couple of ssl enabled websites we were hosting due to the community’s version of not being able to (easily) handle multiple WAN ip’s.  So far, so good.  It works well, and I’ve got a much better picture of what’s happening on the network now. 

2) Set up a DMZ with an older Dual G5 xserve acting as our webserver.  However, I noticied almost immediately that CPU load was running like crazy with MySQL.  99% plus most of the time.  So, thanks to this post in the MySQL forums, I boosted my key_buffer and the query cache.  Immediate improvement.  Now my CPU load stays around 30%. 

3) Finally installed and configured OpenFire and the Fastpath module.  I can’t say enough good things about this product.  I attempted to have it up and running a long time ago, but the Fastpath module cost money and couldn’t justify it with our tight profit margins.  However, since then, they released the Fastpath module as open source which means I could afford a new customer chat interface!  It has worked flawlessly and has been easy to set up and configure.  The next step will be integrating it with LDAP so I can get all my users on it. 


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