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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Google is testing out adding SMS capability in the built-in Gmail chat functionality


I downloaded a copy of Crossover for mac the other day during their “Lame Duck Challenge“.  Unfortunately, it won’t run what I really need it to run, Quickbooks 2006VMWare Fusion still looks like the best alternative for running that sort of thing on OS X. 

However, Joshua Blankenship did inform me of a good way of running various versions of Internet Explorer on OS X through Darwine and ies4osx.  That should solve our problem of testing our site(s) in IE 6/7 without a windows machine. 

What a coincidence.  Our Accounting people are still on PC’s due to their version of Quickbooks (yeah, I know QB has a mac version, but it’s not a multi-user version), and I’ve been trying to come up with a way to run the window’s version on a mac.  Well, due to falling gas prices, Codeweavers is giving away free software tomorrow.  Codeweavers makes crossover for mac which allows one to run a windows application seamlessly in OS X.  Will update after a download and test.

I just recently switched from a G5 power mac to a new 24″ iMac.  The iMac is really impressive for the price.  Compact, great display, good performance.  As I worked with more and more Apple products (we currently have 2 xserves, 1 iMac, 3 Power mac G5’s, 1 G4 power mac, a mini, and a couple of laptops) I’ve become more and more a fan.  They have proven themselves easy to maintain, operate and administer.  They play pretty well with everything else and they are simple unmatched for design and construction.  I’m really glad we chose at the beginning to go with Apple rather than trying to make an expensive switch somewhere down the road. 

OS X 10.5 adds a great way to annotate images and PDF’s in Preview.  This post shows how.

It’s just plain lazy to not block or at least change the default SSH port on a server open to the web.  Before I did so, I was encountering repeated attempts to crack ssh. It’s becoming even more important according to this article