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I’m generally not a fan of any company that pretty much as the rest of the market cornered because the result is usually a loss of what got them there in the first place.  The only giant I can think of right now that this hasn’t proven true in one way or another is Google, although I’m sure arguments could be made for it in certain areas.  Thus, I tend to look at Adobe with suspicion especially when their software continues to bloat and perform with marginal efficiency in my view.  But, what’s the alternative?  Quark?  Really? 

We’ve had issues getting Variable Data print jobs to be created correctly in InDesign before.  Permissions problems, files without images, and not to mention the absurd amount of time it takes for it to create the job. But today InDesign/YTD broke for no apparent reason.  Just decided it didn’t want to play anymore.  So, after reinstalling everything, I’m now looking for alternatives to HP’s Yours Truly Designer at the least.  I don’t see any viable alternative to InDesign out there so I’m hoping I can come across at least a plug-in that will let us do Variable Data jobs quickly and without much headache. 


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