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I had lunch meeting with GSATC which featured a talk given by Congressman Bob Inglis.  He spoke about potential solutions to the energy problem we are facing as a country and looked for input from those attending on their ideas.  I was encouraged by his frankness as well as his authenticity.  While I have trouble thinking that taxing carbon would motivate a free market solution to the energy problem, it was interesting to hear about. 

I tend towards the belief that the energy problem can be effectively solved in a relatively short period of time if the government was to “lead the charge” so to speak.  I think of the rapid military expansion of World War II and the massive scientific progress made during the Space Race.  It seems that when the government spearheads the pursuit of something, the free market in our society gets behind it and makes it happen.  So, I don’t necessarily think that taxing carbon would be a terrible idea, but I think a widespread vision enacted by the government would move things along faster. 


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