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I’m starting to like Automator more and more.  You can’t do as much as you can with Applescript, but it’s very handy for coming up with quick workflows to help you do tasks, especially repetitive ones. 

Just recently, I came up with a workflow to connect to a server, look for a folder the user asks for, copy it to their desktop and then disconnect from the server.  It isn’t a true file server I’m connecting to, only a webserver where some uploaded content resides (we’ve been too lazy to tie it into the file server).  It didn’t take very long and seems to work pretty well.  It helps speed up the work for the people retrieving the customer’s files.

In essence, I connect to a specified server (afp://serverAddress/Share), display the “Find Finder Items” step to get user input, get the mounted volume from the connected server, then eject that volume. 


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