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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Slashgear reviews the LaCie 1U rack-mountable Ethernet Disk and how it works with Time Machine.  I’d be interested in seeing how this might work out for us around here.


After a long vacation away from all things technology, I’ve come back to hear that there will be no Steve Jobs at Macworld, 10.5.6 is causing problems (but not for me yet), there’s a major problem with IE7, and this dude made a christmas tree from 70 SCSI hard drives.  A lot can happen in the interworld in short amount of time.

Beyond catching up with emails, purchasing new toys, and fixing assorted site problems, I’m tinkering with VirtualBox to see how it stands up against VMWare Fusion and Parallels. 

33 days and counting.  That’s the current uptime on my Smoothwall box I built not long ago.  That’s a 100% improvement over my last uptime reading before I installed it.  May not be a big deal for other people, but it is to me!

Apple is now beginning to recommend antivirus software for OS X. (via appleinsider)

We can track Santa via NORAD.  Kinda like tracking your kids via GPS, but less stupid. 

TUAW has a great idea.