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Monthly Archives: January 2009

After installing and messing around with Windows 7 Beta via VirtualBox, I started up Internet Explorer 8.  I have just one question: Can anyone clear explain the reasoning behind the “Search Provider” service?  Why on earth does IE treat search engines as some sort of subscription service.  They’ve been doing this in IE7 as well and it’s just plain annoying.  Why not just take a hint from Firefox and include some of the most popular engines with an option to customize?  Geez.  


Crazy Egg has what may be a nice, cheap solution to finding out what people are doing on your site.  Loading the reports takes some time, but for $9 a month, it’s worth it. 

Google posts the 2008 year in spam

The Macintosh computer and I share some things beyond a symbiotic relationship at work.  Most notably, we share a birthday.  Happy belated birthday, Apple.  Here’s to the last 25 years, and a good 25 more to come. 

So, it seems nameservers from Network Solutions have been having intermittent crashes.  I call to inquire and my phone is answered by a recorded woman telling me that “customers are experiencing intermittent difficulty resolving host names and email requests. If you are experiencing these difficulties, please continue to retry as most customers are able to successfully resolve their destinations after multiple attempts.”  I mean, I know you’re a big company and all.  But come on, Network Solutions.  That’s the best advice you can give?


Apple updates Server Admin tools for OS X Server 10.5.6