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Crunchgear offers a real solution for Microsoft’s flawed philosophy in releasing multiple OS versions

…Microsoft’s marketing strategy leaves much to be desired, seeing as it’s already failed.

So why do I care? I mean, I avoid working on what few WinTel machines we have here. I suppose that it’s the problem solver in me or something of that nature.  Or maybe it’s the indie rocker coming out.  It really isn’t that I hate all things Microsoft just because it’s Microsoft.  I can’t stand corporate laziness especially out of the “big” companies that are at the top of their industries.  Microsoft, Adobe, et al have, in my opinion, shown signs of caring less and less about producing an all-around quality product and more about putting out something that “works” as cheaply as possible to maximize returns.  I’m not against making money, I’m just against making money at the expense of the consumer experience simply because you don’t really have any competition.  So, I continue to support the underdogs because, hopefully in time, those underdogs will start posing enough of a threat to the “big guys” that it will spawn some real creativity, ingenuity and quality. 


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