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As a self-taught PHP and JS developer (I still consider myself to be somewhat of a n00b), I’ve not had the luxury of being taught the “standard” ways to do things.  While myself and the other people that have helped with our site over time have done pretty well all things considered, I’m starting to look for ways in which myself and anyone else who creates code for us can do so in a standarized way, as much as possible. 

I’ve floated back and forth on things like where to place brackets, variable name conventions, etc.  I’ve found that the PEAR coding standards seem to be what most people are relying on.  Even so, thanks to a post from Big Blue Hat, I can help prevent issues in the future with my PHP scripts.  I had no idea that one could leave off the ending ” ?> ” from a PHP script without causing problems.  Doing so prevents whitespace after the closing tag from causing issues. 


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