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About Frontier Label, Inc.

Frontier Label Inc., located in Greenville, South Carolina, is a pioneering label manufacturer specializing in short-run, digitally printed labels for all manner of applications. Started in 2004, the company is the brain child of brothers Dan and Howard Frist. Building on their father’s company Pioneer Packaging, they set out to provide quality digital labels to a market largely consisting of large, long-run flexographic printing companies. In the spirit of the company name, Frontier Label Inc. has sought to move the label industry forward through cutting-edge developments in web marketing, e-commerce, and production techniques specifically geared towards the purchase and manufacturing of digitally printed labels. Frontier Label, Inc. continues to look for, develop and apply ideas, techniques, and technologies in order to provide it’s customers with the highest level of usability and quality.

About This Blog

This blog was begun by the web development team at Frontier Label in order to provide a place where we can share our problems, solutions, and successes as both a team and a company in regards to the application of technology to the label industry. Our hope is also to be able to provide information back to the web community as we continue to seek out and develop both open source and proprietary software, web applications, and development techniques. While we cannot give out all our secrets, we hope to provide information on topics that we feel may be useful to people across many different areas and industries.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via email at: blog AT

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