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Category Archives: Label Industry

After much testing, it’s starting to look like creating JLT’s through Yours Truly might be our only decent option right now.  XMPie’s uDirect worked great to create the .ps file and a multipage PDF, but our ESKO system took literally hours to process it.  We’re hoping that creating a press-ready JLT file directly from Yours Truly will speed things up.


We’ve experienced some woes with producing Variable Data based PDF’s for printing.  Yours Truly Designer just isn’t cutting it anymore.  Through some recommendations via linkedin, we are now demoing Xmpie’s UDirect Classic and Darwin Co-pilot for Indesign

So far, XMPie seems to be fastest, but we’ve had trouble getting it to produce the PDF’s.  It will output any other format but the one we need…

Both software comes in the $2-$3K range, but that’s remarkably less than the $20K for Esko’s VDP plugin. 

Adobe is launching CS4 in October