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Category Archives: Web Development

AjaxLine gives 32 ways to speed up MySQL queries


Pulp Fiction scene as played by web broswers.  Awesome

I haven’t done much design in my short tenure as a web programmer.  I’ve dabbled at best.  But over the last couple of days, I invested some time with jQuery, jQuery UI, and datatables to come up with a small redesign of our internal workrouter.  This is a sample of what it looks like:

I’m now working on getting the datatables plugin to load table data via ajax.  I’m excited. has a great, detailed list of good design practices for the web.  I especially enjoyed the comments on spacing. 

On another note, we’ve lately begun thinking about how to best develop for multiple browsers.  Is it really as simple as testing our design/functionality on all browsers or is there a solution that should produce more standard results?  In our experience thus far, testing in browsers seems the only real solution.  I wonder what the best practice is?

I was excited to read this article on “continuous deployment” in terms of software development.  Excited because in most respects, we’re already following some of it’s practices.  However, I think we here at Frontier could probably stand some more testing and the ability to have the server reject a change based on certain criteria. 

Along other lines, Ars technica is reporting that Google chrome should be out for OS X as early as this fall

Nettuts+ has 10 Rare HTML tags you should now about.  Most intriguing to me?  #7 fieldset and #4 Address.  I don’t use those and, where appropriate, I should.