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AjaxLine gives 32 ways to speed up MySQL queries


TechCrunch seems to think it’s a better possibility than ever before.  I’m up for a phone upgrade in 2010.  Will I be able to get the iPhone?  Man, I hope so. 

I equate this to the silly boy in grade school that took his ball and went home because the other kids wouldn’t do what he wanted them to do.  I sure wish the city of Greenville would consider doing something like this.

Network Solutions is causing me headaches again.  Their Nameservers are “experiencing some latency issues” as the rep told me over the phone.  I’ll say.  A nameserver taking a full second or more to respond to a request is pretty dang bad.  People can still get to our site, but now OpenDNS stopped caching our domain because the nameservers aren’t responding.  So while customers can get to, we can’t in here unless I bypass OpenDNS.  I guess the important thing is that customers can still get there. 

So I’m thinking about making a nameserver switch.  I don’t like GoDaddy.  I’m considering but never used them for anything but their free dynamic dns service. 

17 reasons why it might be.  I’ve had good success with Onyx to clean up macs here. 

Read Write Web describes the future of Firefox…no tabs?

Also, it was inevitable, but the parodies of Microsoft’s new Laptop hunter ads have begun.  Good! Seriously, the ads point out the obvious.  But, as with many things in life, you get what you pay for.  You want quality?  Buy quality.  Macs are known for good design both inside and out hardware wise including a well-designed OS.  If all you care about is money, then get a cheap PC.  But I’d rather save my money and get something better.  Or even go to the opposite end and get a PC running Ubuntu linux